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Version 2.1 Sibiu City App iOS

Dear iPhone users,

We have a new iPhone version (V 2.1) of Sibiu City App for iOS with feature updates.sibiu-small

We reorganised the menu of the application so that the locations are more visible now.

Also, at the EVENTS menu, we added an extra filter by type of event.

The same type of filtering you can see at RESTAURANTS, PUBS/CAFE/BARS or SPORTS locations.

We hope that the new menu and the Events filter will come in handy to you and you’ll find more interesting stuff in the app now.

Another useful feature we added is that you can see now, for each location, the type, the cuisine they have, the facilities, the genres of music you can listen to and the type of payment you can use there.

Feel free to use also our new “Rating and Comments” facility for rating your favourite place in Sibiu and share it with your friends on Facebook.

Some of the restaurants in the app already added their food and drinks menu: check it out in the app! There is also a new design of the the Special Offers for each location that has this feature.


Download and try the update now!

download iPhone

- Oana Munteanu, ,

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