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DSU Mobile App

About the app

DSU is the official app of the Department for Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

DSU’s aim is to provide citizens with a quick tool for information and reports about critical situations and disasters which they are witnessing.

What do you find inside DSU mobile app:

DSU News

This news section offers articles, news and official statements of the Department for Emergency Situations.

News and Alerts


You may choose to receive information about weather alerts, traffic alerts and natural disasters. Choose the zones you’re interested in or choose to receive notifications from the whole country.

DSU Alerts

Report events

If you’re witness to a natural disaster (fire, flood) or an accident, you can use the app for reporting more details about the event from the location.

You must login into the app and add photos or a video, add an optional text and your report will be sent to DSU for approval and will be processed accordingly.

Report to DSU


This section of the app is dedicated to informing you about how to act effectively in critical situations and the behaviour you should adopt; (earthquakes, fire, technological accident, nuclear accident, epidemics, etc …).

You’ll find here several lessons and, for some of them, tests for verifying your knowledge.

Learn about disasters

My Profile section

My profile section displays my activity within the app: how many tests I have taken, how many lessons I have read, my medium testing), statistics about the reports I have sent to DSU.

Also, you’ll find here a breathtaking photo gallery with the day to days actions of the Department for Emergency Situations.

If you’re not very familiar with their activity, we also listed here the Institutions in coordination of DSU and some other useful links.

My Profile in the app


We are excited to provide this useful tool and hope you will enjoy using it.


The app is free for download  for iOS and Android phones. Download it now for free:

download app for iPhonedownload app for Android


Press about DSU app:

iLikeIT (PRO TV) – “Romania are, in premiera, o aplicatie pentru situatii de urgenta. Cum afli ce drumuri sunt blocate sau cand ninge


Official statement from the Department for Emergency Situations – “Departamentul pentru Situații de Urgență a lansat marți, 26 aprilie 2016, aplicația “DSU” pentru telefoanele mobile care are rolul de a pregăti populația să facă față situațiilor de urgență, prin accesul la informații, alerte și educație.” – Read full article


Digi24.ro – “Departamentul pentru Situații de Urgență a lansat astăzi aplicația DSU pentru telefoanele mobile, care are rolul de a pregăti populația să facă față situațiilor de urgență prin accesul la informații, alerte și educație“. – Read full article


wall-street.ro – “DSU a lansat o aplicatie pentru smartphone care te pregateste pentru situatii de urgenta” – Read full article