Work Process at iConsult

Work process at iConsult

We believe that our customers trust us and choose to work with us because we keep the projects within budget and schedule. If we deliver the project too late or at a very high cost, then that is a failed project.

On each step of our development process we try to reduce uncertainty and risks and always keep in mind the project’s business objectives.



When you contact us for an estimation, we make a brief analysis (free of charge) trying to determine your project’s objectives. We sit down at a table and talk to you after which we can give you a rough budget and time estimation.


2.Analysis & Sketches


Analysis and Sketches

Alongside with the client, we make a detailed project analysis, underline the business and technical requirements and setup a development plan.
Based on that analysis we create user-interface mockups (we prefer Sketch) to answer the project’s requirements.

3.UX Design

UX design

Our UI designers prepare the product’s interface. Basically they design each screen / page with which a user interacts ensuring that the UI visually communicates the UX mockups already laid out.
The UI designers also create a cohesive design style guide that will be applied to the entire project / product.





This process is not just about programmers coding all day long. We hold regular meetings with the customer to check the project’s status and ensure that we keep in the budget and on time.
We are very transparent with our code and the clients have access to our project management (custom developed in-house) and task management tool (we love Trello).

5.Agile Iterations

Agile Iterations

Our development team works in iterative phases called “sprints” that deliver tangible results week after week. The customer can see and check the software as it develops … not only at the end…
In general iterations are aligned with calendar weeks, often starting on mondays and ending on fridays. The fixed length of iterations gives teams a simple way to obtain an accurate estimation of the project’s remaining duration.


6.Project’s deployment

Project’s deployment

Project’s deployment

When we publish a project to production (we say we deploy the project) it can go 2 ways:

  • everything goes smoothly and we deploy the project in no time
  • or it can give us a hard time

Usually the migration process takes time and requires the team to be very carefull. We always get it right in the end 🙂 because we are aware that it’s a critical phase for the project and the client.

7.Technical Support

Technical Support

In most of the cases the projects need further adjustments and improvements and that’s why we sign a support contract with the client.
We usually provide technical support 5 days a week (when it’s critical even 7/7 days a week).
For all our projects we offer 6 months bug fixing for free. And that’s something our clients appreciate very much.

Technical Support