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Patrula de Reciclare” (the Recycling Patrol) is a national environment educational program initiated by the Romanian Recycling Agency – RoRec, in partnership with the National Environmental Protection Agency and supervised by the romanian National Education Ministry.

With the help of the Recycling Patrol, the RoRec Association supports the mission of the school to shape a young generation of students, driven by a deep sense of responsibility, care for the environment, community involvement and confidence in their power, able to make beneficial changes to our society.

The Recycling Patrol website helps kindergardens, schools and highschools to join the program, form “recycling patrols” (teams of 20 students supervised by a teacher) and interract with each other.

The teams get access to valuable information and educational material to better understand the damage caused by DEEE pollution and the best countermeasures to be used while fighting it. Teachers use the website as a central reporting tool (text, images, video).

Built on top of the well known WordPress platform, the website also contains a news section and an archive for articles showing the entire DEEE collecting activity in the country. The WordPress website is made responsive so that the content is easy to read on all sorts of devices (desktop computers, tablets and smartphones).

It also provides an “events calendar”, very useful to both teachers and students involved in the project, as well as offering a long-term view of the program.


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Client: RoRec Association

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Project url: http://www.patruladereciclare.ro